Best Hotels in the Center of Tbilisi


In sunny Tbilisi, there are numerous hotels catering to various price ranges and preferences. Which ones are the best? The correct answer will vary for each person. Some prefer budget guesthouses, while others opt for luxurious five-star accommodations.

I frequent the capital city and visit at least 10 times a year. I usually stay in central districts, choosing mid-range hotels. From dozens of city center hotels where I’ve stayed, I’ve selected a dozen that left a lasting impression. I’ll share details about them in this article.

How I choose hotels on I set a rating above 8.0, then select a district (if traveling by car, I prefer Avlabari or Chugureti). Sorting by this rating makes it difficult to go wrong with accommodation. However, occasional surprises happen. Over the past four years, I’ve stayed in more than 30 Tbilisi hotels. I hope my practical experience helps you find a suitable option.

Unfortunately, I didn’t always take photos. Sometimes I forgot, didn’t think I would write about them, or lost some photos with my old phone. So, please forgive me for not having extensive galleries.

Another note: it’s challenging to describe hotels that, while excellent, are similar in many ways. Everywhere has a bed and a bathroom. Good location (the reason they were chosen). I did my best, trying to write uniquely about each place, but it didn’t always work out.

Top 12 Best Hotels in Central Tbilisi


  1. Orden Hotel
  2. Address 9D
  3. Boutique Hotel Mimino
  4. Old Metekhi
  5. Sandali Metekhi Boutique Hotel


  1. Tiflis Inn Boutique Hotel
  2. Brickwall Tbilisi-Tbilisi vibe
  3. History of Tbilisi

Old Town:

  1. TbiliSee Hotel
  2. Citadel Narikala Hotel
  3. Kisi Boutique Hotel
  4. Amante Narikala Boutique Hotel

I also recommend reading about the Best Hotels in the Mountains of Georgia: 9 Hotels You Can’t Help but Fall in Love With, and you should definitely visit at least the first two.

Best Avlabari Hotels

My favorite district is Avlabari: the metro station is within easy reach, and it’s just a 10-minute walk to the Old Town. Having parking at almost all hotels (crucial for me as I usually come to Tbilisi by car) is also significant. Another advantage of this area is relative tranquility compared to other central districts. You can step out onto the balcony and enjoy a cup of coffee without the constant noise of the street.

Orden Hotel

The four-star Orden is a 5-minute walk from Avlabari Metro Station. A cozy courtyard in a quiet alley makes the place very conducive to a peaceful stay.

The Orden has undergone recent renovations, with a design primarily in pleasant beige tones. Stylish furniture in the rooms, modern electronic locks, and a veranda designed for sunset admiration. The hotel also offers private free parking, including an underground parking lot (a rarity in hotels).

They serve a good buffet breakfast in the mornings. If you prefer to eat outside, the excellent “Coffee Line” cafe is nearby, offering fantastic coffee and delicious breakfasts (my favorite place for breakfast, more about it here: “Top 9 Breakfast Spots in Tbilisi“). There’s also “Khinkali House” nearby if you crave Georgian cuisine and live music.

I would confidently give Orden 4 stars with a plus. An excellent option and one of my favorite hotels in Tbilisi.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • The room was wonderful, new, modern, and stylish.
  • Comfortable mattresses and pillows.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Convenient underground parking.
  • Excellent location in Tbilisi.
  • Good value for money.
  • Proximity to the historical district.
  • Delicious food and a wonderful terrace.
  • Near attractions and shops.
  • Clean and cozy.
  • Wonderful city panorama from the terrace. Rating: 9.2

Address: 8 Konstantine Eristavi Street

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Hotel “Address 9D”

“Address 9D” is not easy to find; you need to get there through a small inconspicuous alley. However, it’s easily located on a navigator or Google Maps. It boasts a very quiet location without unnecessary people, traffic, or car noise.

“Address 9D” recently opened, so all the furniture is new and beautiful. The rooms are huge, but I felt the lack of furniture like a sofa or an armchair. There’s a lot of empty space in the room (although for someone, this might be a plus). The rooms are soundproof, ensuring nothing disturbs your sleep at night. I particularly want to mention the sparkling clean and soft bed linens, as well as the comfortable pillows and mattresses. Sleeping on them is pure pleasure!

On the roof, there’s a beautiful terrace overlooking the Old Town and the Cathedral of Samtavro.

In the marani (wine cellar), you can arrange a wine tasting or simply buy a couple of bottles of excellent wine.

In the mornings, there’s a buffet-style breakfast, which is tasty but nothing extraordinary. There is also an option for vegetarians.

I really liked the staff. They are not just polite but genuinely friendly. The employees are very polite, caring, and always ready to help.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • It was very clean.
  • Good service, delicious cuisine.
  • The cool wine cellar helped escape the heat.
  • Stunning view from the terrace.
  • Comfortable mattresses.
  • Excellent location.
  • Quiet and comfortable.
  • Spacious, beautiful decor. Rating: 9.5

Address: Machata II Turn No. 4/9

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Boutique Hotel Mimino

Grand Hotel Mimino is right next to the main Georgian Cathedral, Sameba. The location is appealing because it’s quiet yet close to the center, and about a 10-minute walk to Avlabari Metro Station.

Guests can choose from 14 rooms with private bathrooms, and some have small balconies. The interior is inspired by the atmosphere of the iconic film “Mimino,” allowing visitors to fully experience Georgian hospitality. The rooms are cozy and immaculately clean. There’s a small backyard with tables and chairs where you can sit in the shade. Free parking almost always has space to park your car.

The “buffet-style” breakfast is included in the room rate, and you can also sit in the lounge bar and enjoy delicious drinks.

The Mimino’s rating is exceptionally high at 9.5. Honestly, I don’t understand why it’s so high. Don’t get me wrong; I really like it (I’ve stayed here more than once), but what makes it better than “Orden” or “Address 9D”? It’s a mystery to me.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Varied food and good Americano.
  • Great city view from the terrace.
  • Good accommodation.
  • Homely pleasant atmosphere.
  • Staff always available.
  • Comfortable soft beds.
  • Air conditioners with heating.
  • Excellent location for walking. Rating: 9.5

Address: Khivi Turn 3

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Old Metekhi Hotel

The first thing I want to mention about “Old Metekhi” is the breathtaking view of the historical part of Tbilisi. Several times, I unsuccessfully tried to book a room at the hotel—either all places were taken, or the prices were high. In general, there is tremendous demand for “Old Metekhi.”

But the long wait was worth it! When I finally checked in, I was not disappointed. My Instagram stories haven’t evoked so many emotions in a long time as after posting the panorama from my room. The balconies, hanging right above the Kura River, are worth every lari paid for accommodation. I wanted to stand and admire the beauties of the Old Town for days.

Old Metekhi vid s balkona

“Old Metekhi” is located in the heart of the capital, just 400 meters from Avlabari Metro Station and within walking distance of the attractions of the Old Town. The only drawback I can highlight is a slight climb to the hotel, but this is commonplace for the mountainous terrain of Tbilisi.

The repair is stylish, in European design, and the suites are solid and spacious. The rooms are not particularly distinctive but also have nothing to complain about.

Vid na Old Metekhi

On the veranda, which is right on the roof, they serve continental breakfasts. You can ask to have food and drinks brought directly to your room. The hotel has a bar, and in the evenings, there is pleasant live music. This place is perfect for a romantic or family vacation.

I highly recommend staying at “Old Metekhi” for one night. The key is to choose rooms with a view of the Kura, not the city—it’s worth it! In terms of room comfort, other hotels in this area are slightly better.

If you are driving, keep in mind that it is very difficult to find parking in this part. Sometimes you have to give 5 laps to find a place to park.

Old Metekhi Hotel

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Rooms are equipped with everything you need.
  • Cleanliness was pleasing.
  • A large tasty breakfast.
  • Could use a safe.
  • Landscape of the Old Town outside the window.
  • Friendly, caring staff.
  • Main attractions within walking distance.
  • Had to leave at night, so they gave us lunch boxes with food. Rating: 8.8

Address: Metekhi Turn No. 3

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Sandali Metekhi Boutique Hotel

“Sandali Metekhi” is located on a narrow street in Avlabari, very close to the metro station of the same name (about a 6-minute walk). Nearby attractions include the Cathedral of St. George, Rike Park, and the Sulfur Baths of Abanotubani.

The hotel features a beautiful design with vibrant decorative elements. I got a room with a bath right next to the bed, equipped with a television, coffee maker, and tea amenities.

I was impressed by the hospitality and friendliness of the lady at the reception. Also, the hotel has a lovely terrace with lush greenery in pots and an excellent view of Old Tbilisi. Due to its location on a small street, “Sandali Metekhi” is secluded from the street noise and car hustle. You can confidently go to relax on the terrace, knowing that nothing will disturb you.

Breakfast is not included in the room rate (if, like me, you forgot to choose an option where it is included), and it costs 40 lari. You can choose items from the buffet or select any dish from the menu.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Quiet Tbilisi neighborhood.
  • Attentive staff, delicious food.
  • The interior of the apartments is tastefully decorated.
  • Great city view from the terrace.
  • Good sound insulation.
  • Balcony view of the center of Tbilisi.
  • Absolutely loved everything.
  • The room for luggage came in handy, a very convenient layout element. Rating: 9.5

Address: Victor Dzhorbenadze Street, 23

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Best Hotels in Chugureti

Another convenient area for me is Chugureti. It may be a bit far from the center, but it has its charm. This area is considered hipster, and the famous Fabrika is nearby. If you choose hotels slightly off Aghmashenebeli Avenue, you won’t have any parking problems. Another advantage is that it is one of the most flat areas, so you won’t have to constantly go up and down hills.

Tiflis Inn Boutique Hotel

My favorite hotel in the capital! I won’t hesitate to call it the most Instagrammable hotel in Tbilisi. Here, you’ll not only feel the atmosphere of the past but also immerse yourself in the world of the 19th century. “Tiflis Inn” is located on 2 floors of a historic building and incorporates many authentic elements of the past: carved lacquered furniture, golden decor, woven carpets, embroidery on chairs and poufs, and very original colored tiles in the shower. The interior deserves the highest praise; every detail is well thought out and captures attention. And each room has its unique design! That’s why you come here with pleasure every time. It never gets boring.

In addition to the beautiful design, it has a very convenient location: a 5-minute walk to the metro station, and nearby are the Mardjanishvili Theater and the Paliashvili Opera. You can walk to Shota Rustaveli Avenue in half an hour. The area is full of restaurants and cafes (but many of them are Turkish). If you don’t mind spending $100 for dinner for two, I highly recommend going to Barbarestan. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Some rooms (not all) have a bath (those living in Georgia will understand)! There are also private bathrooms with toiletries and air conditioners. The room rate includes breakfast, not a buffet; everyone gets the same dishes.

If you like to sleep in coolness, do not take a room with a bed on the second floor. Conversely, in winter, it’s better to choose such rooms because it’s always warmer under the ceiling.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Atmospheric place, beautiful decoration.
  • Fed well and deliciously.
  • Will definitely come back here.
  • Very convenient location.
  • Spacious, cozy, and clean.
  • A hotel with a fairytale view, very unusual.
  • Very responsive administrator.
  • Clean, cozy, wonderful! Rating: 8.9

Address: Zurab Chavchavadze Street, 6

Book Tiflis Inn Boutique Hotel

Brickwall Tbilisi-Tbilisi vibe

Brickwall Tbilisi is the most budget-friendly hotel in our rating. Nevertheless, it is in no way inferior to the others. Simple but cozy.

It is located not far from the metro, the railway station (you can easily walk in about 20 minutes), and the Museum of Arts. Fabrika Tbilisi is nearby—a popular art space with bars and restaurants, co-working spaces, exhibitions, and handmade shops. Despite the proximity to all attractions, it is quiet and peaceful on the premises.

The interior is simple, but since Brickwall Tbilisi is inexpensive, it’s an excellent option. I really liked the hall with a fireplace, a television, and comfortable armchairs. You can sit, have coffee, or just relax. Guests have access to a shared kitchen.

Brickwall Tbilisi Tbilisi vibe

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Convenient location, you can walk everywhere.
  • Friendly staff.
  • New repair, very clean.
  • Pleasant owners, well-heated.
  • Thoughtful design.
  • Not crowded and quiet, just what you need.
  • Good Wi-Fi speed.
  • Very polite workers. Rating: 9

Address: Georgi Mazniashvili Street, 20, 2nd floor

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History of Tbilisi Hotel

The History of Tbilisi Hotel is quite new, opened about two to three years ago. It is located on a very quiet street, also not far from Fabrika, Dynamo Stadium, the Money Museum, and the Dry Bridge Flea Market.

The design is mainly in pleasing blue shades, combining vintage and modern motifs. I really liked the insertion of brick walls into the interior. There is almost always free parking on-site.

Breakfast is served in the marani (wine cellar, which Georgia is famous for). It’s filling, without frills, but on the second day, it became a bit monotonous. If you want variety, there is a popular Georgian cuisine restaurant “Shavi Lomi” nearby.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Top location.
  • Pleasing design with historical touches.
  • Not noisy, great!
  • Hospitable.
  • Easy to get to the center.
  • Fresh repair.
  • Everyone is very responsive; it was nice to live here.
  • Very delicious food. Rating: 8.9

Address: Ivan Turgenev Street, 4

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Best Old Town Hotels

For pedestrians, the Old Town area is the most suitable. There are many advantages: a breathtaking panorama from the window, maximum proximity to all attractions, and the atmosphere of historic Tbilisi. The only downside is the hilly terrain, and you’ll have to constantly climb steep hills. But that’s the price for a beautiful view.

TbiliSee Hotel

“TbiliSee” is located in the heart of the Old Town. In close proximity are St. George’s Cathedral, the cable car, and Rike Park. The city center is within a 20-minute walk.

The interior is simply top-notch: famous Georgian balconies painted in blue, beautiful and tasteful rooms, comfortable beds—sleeping was a pleasure.

The restaurant on the terrace deserves special praise! Breathtaking views of the city, lots of greenery, carpets, tablecloths with Georgian ornaments, and relaxing background music. You can sit here for hours and admire the beauty of the Old Town. The breakfasts are delicious, with a variety of options on the buffet.

In the hotel courtyard, you might occasionally meet the hospitable owner, Georgiy. In the best Georgian traditions, he warmly welcomes guests and engages in conversation.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Our favorite hotel in Tbilisi!
  • The bathroom had cosmetic products with argan oil.
  • Haven’t encountered a tastier breakfast in all our travels.
  • Clean and beautiful.
  • Comfortable bed.
  • Cozy and hospitable.
  • Polite staff, professional behavior.
  • We will definitely come back.

Booking rating: 9.3

Address: 24 Betlemi Street

Book TbiliSee Hotel

Citadel Narikala Hotel

The “Citadel Narikala” is within walking distance of Narikala Fortress. Also nearby are the Botanical Garden and Sulfur Baths, and the city center is within easy reach. The only thing to be cautious about is the very steep descent to the hotel, where it’s easy to twist an ankle or fall. Parking is not provided.

The construction of the hotel is associated with an interesting history: when laying the foundation and digging a pit, numerous historical artifacts were found. Shards, clay pots, vessels, and plates are carefully preserved under glass in the lobby, allowing visitors to approach and examine them.

The rooms are clean, in white-gray tones, each with a mini-bar. The balcony view is superb! Right outside the window are the Armenian Church and Trinity Cathedral. In the evening, the city lights up with lights, becoming festive and colorful.

Breakfast is a “buffet,” 25 lari per person. Georgian cuisine dishes, with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

The only thing I didn’t like was the service. There was no one at the reception, and though they noticed me from the utility room right away, I had to wait for more than 10 minutes until someone approached.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Well-fed and delicious meals.
  • Located in the historic part, just what is needed.
  • Comfortable accommodation, comfortable bed.
  • Cozy and clean.
  • Stunning balcony view.
  • Cozy, like home.
  • Beautiful decor.
  • Excellent value for money.

Booking rating: 9.1

Address: 20 Adjiasvili Street

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Kisi Boutique Hotel

“Kisi” is located right on the ascent to the Botanical Garden and near the Sulfur Baths, in the heart of the historical part of the capital. Parking is available. In the evening, it can be noisy, as the place is very touristy. In the vicinity, there are many good restaurants, such as “Sormoni,” and other attractions. You can reach Rike Park and the Peace Bridge in 10 minutes.

The interior has historical touches, with a lot of wood. The reception wall is adorned with charming vintage pictures in frames. A very beautiful bar, almost Instagram-worthy: lamps with lampshades and fringe, illuminated yellow shelves, green bar stools, and many comfortable chairs. One wall is entirely dedicated to storing wine bottles.

Breakfast is a “buffet,” and visitors highly praise it. The cost includes only Americano or tea; you’ll have to pay extra for cappuccino or latte. Another advantage is that they allow pets without additional charges.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Excellent service.
  • Very picturesque location.
  • Left at 5 am, so they packed a delicious breakfast to go.
  • Coffee and tea brought to the room daily.
  • Stylish design.
  • Authentic and clean.
  • Feels like stopping not in a hotel but at someone’s home.
  • Responsive staff, always helpful.

Booking rating: 9.4

Address: 17 Botanicheskaya Street

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Amante Narikala Boutique Hotel

And the final hotel on our list is the boutique hotel “Amante Narikala.” It’s 700 meters from Freedom Square, near the Botanical Garden, Metekhi Church, and Sulfur Baths. What I liked is that the hotel is not on the tourist route, so there’s no intrusive noise. It is located on a small hill. Think ahead about booking, as the spaces are quickly taken.

The rooms are exquisite and minimalist, but a bit tight. The corridor is bright and colorful. In my room, the bath was right next to the bed. On the balcony, the left side had a view of the beautiful Old Town, and the right side faced the shantytowns. To enjoy the beauty, place the chair with your back to them, or they spoil the whole picture.

The terrace was very nice, with a panorama of the historical part of the city, flowers in flower beds, and rocking chairs—cozy and incredibly beautiful.

In the mornings, there is a “buffet.” Great service, courteous, polite, and caring staff.

From other visitors’ reviews:

  • Wonderful view of the sights from the balcony.
  • Excellent service.
  • Modern design and convenient location.
  • Ate well.
  • Staff responded quickly to everything; I appreciated it.
  • Received a gift in the form of a bottle of Prosecco.
  • Wonderful atmosphere.
  • Very clean.

Booking rating: 9.3

Address: 1 Gomi Street

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