Best hotels in the mountains of Georgia


Mountain Hotels in Georgia: How to Choose the Best One?

In recent years, the global trend of staying in hotels surrounded by nature has been gaining momentum. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to find oneself in a beautiful place with breathtaking views and clean air is a dream for many.

Georgia is renowned for its majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes, attracting tourists from all over the world. However, for true connoisseurs of mountain scenery, merely admiring the views from a bird’s-eye perspective may not be enough. They desire to immerse themselves in the mountain atmosphere, feel the breath and diversity of the mountains.

For such enthusiasts, Georgia has built numerous extraordinary hotels right in the heart of the mountains. Here, you can enjoy captivating views right from your room, take a stroll to a mountain river, or admire the sunset from the hotel terrace.

Admit it, you too dream of renting a house in the mountains of Georgia and savoring the magic of these landscapes for a couple of days! But how do you find such a property without knowing the exact location? Georgia, despite being a small country, has thousands of mountain villages, making it impossible to explore them all. That’s why I decided to share a selection of the 8 best mountain hotels in Georgia based on my own experience and the opinions of my friends who, like me, love to travel to the mountains.

In this article, I will tell you about the most picturesque mountain hotels in Georgia. To cater to the widest range of readers, I tried to select hotels from different regions and even different types, including both classic options and the wildly popular formats of cottages and glamping.

Eco House Merisi

Let’s start with the most popular one: the “glass” hotel in the mountains of Georgia with panoramic windows. Even if you haven’t heard its name, you have probably seen photos of it. There seems to be no travel community on social media where these images are not shared. During the high season, there are no available rooms here for a couple of months ahead.

Dom s panoramnimi oknami Eco House Merisi

The original design of the glass bedroom, conceived by the owner, has become so beloved by many that there are now dozens of copies of the hotel in several countries.

Panoramnaia spalnia v Eco House Merisi

What is the secret of its popularity?
Eco House Merisi, a boutique hotel, can confidently be called one of the most romantic hotels in the world. The aquarium bedroom is located on the edge of a slope with a breathtaking view of the gorge. Clouds often float into this gorge from the tropical city of Batumi, creating a sensation as if you are floating above them.

The first and main Instagram hotel in Georgia is small, with only 6 cottages of different sizes and designs. But each house has a bedroom with panoramic windows and a jacuzzi on the balcony. The cottages, built in an author’s design, combine rural charm and modern amenities. Each house has a terrace and a barbecue area with barbecue accessories. The glamping site has a restaurant with glass and open verandas, where you can have dinner on sofas or enjoy the views lying on ottomans with a glass of wine. There is a VIP platform on the bridge with a glass floor, where you can arrange a unique romantic dinner.

Steklyaniy most v restorane Eco House Merisi Eco House Merisi restoran

You can only book Eco House Merisi through the hotel’s website

Nika Hotel and Club

This is the second project from the creator of the idea and design of Eco House Merisi. Nika is a new “glass” hotel in the mountains of Georgia with a pool and panoramic views. It has become a true mountain gem of Adjara. Compared to the cottages in Merisi, it is slightly higher, with even better views and much more interesting infrastructure. The cottages are built using energy-efficient house technology, making them more comfortable in winter than 95% of hotels in the mountains. According to the owners’ plans, it will be a multifunctional complex, not just a few cottages.

Nika steklyannaya spalnya

A unique park with photo zones and a pool on the edge of the cliff operates here (you can come for an excursion if you don’t want to stay overnight). There is an opportunity to order various masterclasses, rent dresses with long trains for photoshoots, have a picnic over the abyss with wine and cute goats. The list is endless, and the owners constantly build and add new things. The location photos are already circulating on Instagram. Standout features include a giant khachapuri bed and a 9-meter-high “wine horn in hand” monument (the largest wine horn in the world). There are numerous swings, hammocks, gazebos, and other places for relaxation on the premises.

Vinniy rog

The overhanging heated pool over the cliff deserves special mention. Swimming with such a view is a true pleasure. For those who love beautiful shots, I recommend ordering an Insta breakfast on a floating tray. Just imagine: snow-capped mountains around, and you in warm water with a huge tray of exotic fruits and other food.

The hotel is operational, although it is still under construction. The first cottages are launched directly in the park, and new ones are being built on the adjacent plot. The distinctive feature of the rooms is a huge bed amid glass walls and ceilings, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Jacuzzi v dome Nika

Unlike other similar hotels in the mountains, you can get here without having your own car. The hotel offers a group transfer from Batumi, which is much cheaper than a taxi.

In summary, Nika is more than just a hotel. It’s a new format of recreation that combines a hotel and a tour, the charm of a Georgian village, and exclusive Instagram zones. Nika is a mountain hotel where you can enjoy nature and tranquility without getting bored. High ratings on Booking (9,9) and Google Maps (4,8) confirm its status as one of the best and most unusual hotels in Georgia.

You can book cottages or excursions through the website:
On Booking: Nika Hotel and Club.

Also, I recommend checking out the Instagram page @nika_adjara. There are really beautiful photos! (And most importantly, by visiting here, you can replicate them yourself).

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

The luxurious (and not cheap) Kazbegi Rooms Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Stepantsminda, at the foot of the majestic Kazbek. It is one of the most famous hotels in Georgia, combining the highest level of service and breathtaking panoramic views.

Hotel Kazbegi rooms

The hotel has 180 rooms in a postmodern style. From the windows, you can enjoy the perpetually snow-capped summit of the legendary Kazbek and the green valley. On the premises, there is a restaurant with excellent local cuisine, a spacious open terrace, a pool, and a spa. The unique feature of the hotel is a huge panoramic terrace, perfect for contemplating mountain landscapes, the Gergeti church, and the majestic Kazbek. The glass-enclosed pool is particularly enticing to tourists in winter when everything around is covered in snow, and the frost crackles outside.

Kazbegi rooms hotel

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is an excellent choice for those seeking an unforgettable mountain retreat with a high level of comfort in the military-Georgian road area.

Booking: Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort

For enthusiasts of the extraordinary, there is Quadrum, a hotel in the mountains of Georgia that looks like a structure made of wooden blocks. This designer hotel is located in Gudauri at an altitude of 2200 meters. Each room’s panoramic windows offer views of snow-covered mountains and the beautiful nature of the Caucasus.

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort

Upon check-in, you receive swimwear, as well as slippers and robes. The hotel provides opportunities for active and wellness activities: yoga tours, a pool with a panoramic view, a fitness room, sauna, hydromassage, and a conference hall. The ski lift is a 5-minute walk away. If you want to stay in shape during your vacation, this hotel is definitely for you; there will be plenty to do!

Quadrum Hotel

Booking: Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort

Cottage Galileo in Abastumani

If you love solitude, you can rent a house in the mountains of Georgia. Galileo is a small and authentic glamping site. It consists of only 4 two-story cottages, each of which becomes a cozy chalet for the duration of your stay (as of the fall of 2023, a fifth house and a restaurant are under construction). The cottages are equipped with a TV, Wi-Fi, hygiene items, and the kitchen has a stove, kettle, refrigerator, dishes, and everything you need for cooking.

Cottage Galileo

There is an outdoor pool, but you can only swim there in warm weather. But the design of the cottages is what attracts the most attention—bright, modern, and interesting. Families or couples who want to relax from everything in the wilderness of the forest and mountains usually come here. Nothing will disturb you—only pine trees around (oh, what a scent of pine!), silence, and tranquility. Abastumani is a well-known balneological resort with healing air.

Galileo Abastumani

The cottages are located near the cities of Akhaltsikhe and Borjomi, making it convenient to stay here if your plans include a trip to the homeland of mineral waters or to the Rabati Fortress. You can reach the glamping site in the mountains of Georgia either by your car or by ordering a transfer.

– The restaurant is not ready yet, so food is brought from the city. Waiting may take more than an hour, sometimes an hour and a half.
– You’ll have to leave your car 200 meters from the hotel. You need to walk along a forest path. Wear sports shoes.
– After booking, you will be asked to make a 50% prepayment directly to the owner’s account. Don’t worry—I paid, and everything was fine!
– There are no entertainments or photo locations at the hotel.
– There are no signs to the hotel, and Google Maps does not show the road leading to Galileo. Arrange with the manager to meet you and show you the way.

Booking: Cottage Galileo in Abastumani

WinterFell Mestia

The cottages are located 3 km from the center of Mestia and 5 km from the Chaaladi Glacier, on a hill with stunning views of the mountains (including the legendary Ushba) and the valley. It’s quiet and peaceful around. The hotel consists of several cozy wooden chalet-style houses.

Отель WinterFell Mestia

The main advantages are the views and living conditions. The houses have everything you need for comfort: soft beds, warm blankets, a clean bathroom, a kitchen. Free Wi-Fi, private parking. And the windows open up to simply fabulous landscapes! Thanks to a fully glass frontal wall, you can lie in bed and admire the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. It’s especially beautiful here in winter.

The rating on Booking is 9.2. The hospitable hostess, delicious breakfasts, and reasonable prices.

Booking: WinterFell Mestia.

Kazbegi Inn Cottages

If Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is a bit too pricey and ostentatious for you, these cottages are sure to appeal. With a democratic price, 3 bedrooms per house (an excellent option for groups), and, of course, divine views of the mountains.

One bedroom is especially noteworthy, designed inspired by the famous Eco House Merisi. Sleeping in such a room with a view of Kazbegi is pure bliss! Don’t pull the curtains at night to not miss the sunrise. The moment when the first rays of the sun illuminate the top of Kazbegi is truly magical! I once froze outside half the night just for that view. Now you have the chance to enjoy it right from your bed with a cup of aromatic coffee.

hotel Kazbegi Inn Cottages

The hotel is new, with currently only two cottages. Note that the road to it is gravel, so I do not recommend driving a low-sitting car.

Booking: Kazbegi Inn Cottages

Bioli Wellness Resort

An amazing hotel just 30 minutes drive from Tbilisi. Ever dreamed of sleeping in a soft bed but still breathing fresh air? Here, it’s easy to make that dream come true, with large sliding glass doors on the sides and the frontal wall. Complete unity with nature! The price for such a house starts from $250 per night.

Magnificent and unique design of the houses, a high level of service, a wide selection of spa procedures, and a restaurant with a fantastic view of Tbilisi.

Bioli Wellness Resort

So, if you want to escape from the capital but don’t want to travel far, this is an excellent option.

Booking: Bioli Wellness Resort

Bonus: Sazano Wine Cellar & Hotel

Actually, Sazano is not in the mountains; it’s in a remote village near Zestafoni. The hotel is very interesting, but since it’s not in a tourist area, it’s challenging to include it in any thematic article. So, I’m sharing it here.

Stariy dom Dzveli Oda v Sazano

The hotel has a winery with very delicious wine. I confess, this is one of the reasons why I periodically visit. The wine here is expensive, but it’s worth it. I always take at least 3-4 boxes with me.

The second reason is the rooms decorated in a rustic style. Simple but incredibly stylish. There are only three buildings: a large and the newest one, a two-story house with 4 rooms, and the old, wooden Dzveli Oda house. It’s the latter that I love to stay in. It’s 150 years old, with a large room, a magnificent fireplace (it can be a bit chilly here in winter). In general, in Imereti, this is my favorite hotel. Highly recommended!

Booking: Sazano Wine Cellar & Hotel

Best Hotels in the Mountains of Georgia – My Top 3

Choosing hotels for this article was very difficult. There are so many unusual and interesting hotels in the mountains of Georgia. However, when it came to selecting the top 3 best and favorite ones from those mentioned in the article, it turned out surprisingly easy (I have exactly three favorites).

For me, they are ranked as follows:

1. Nika Hotel and Club – an extremely cool designer project with no analogs not only in Georgia but in the world. A place where quiet nature relaxation, healing air, modern comfort, and exclusive Instagram-worthy locations in the hotel’s park perfectly blend.
2. Eco House Merisi – magnificent and unique. A legendary hotel, whose design is copied all over the world.
3. Sazano – tranquility, the coziness of a grandmother’s house in the village, and the most delicious homemade wine. However, if you want to see only mountain hotels in the top, then for the third place, I would choose Cottage Galileo in Abastumani.

Today, I’ve shared information about unusual hotels in the mountains of Georgia, each with its unique charm. These are the perfect places for a getaway, especially if you’ve come for the mountains, connection with nature, and absolute tranquility.


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