International Airport Kutaisi (Kopitnari)


In this article, you will find information about what is inside Kutaisi Airport, how to get from there to Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, the current schedule of flights, and other useful details.

General Information and Useful Facts

Kutaisi Airport is also known as Kopitnari, and its full name is “David Agmashenebeli (David the Builder) Kutaisi International Airport.” It was renovated and opened in 2012.

The distance from Kopitnari to the city of Kutaisi is only 14 km, making it very quick and easy to reach from and to the airport.

The main feature of the airport is that it serves low-cost airlines, making flights less expensive. Currently, it collaborates with airlines such as Wizz Air, Fly Arna, Belavia, Ak-Air Georgia, Red Wings, and others. Wizz Air offers convenient and affordable flights to Europe and the Emirates, which I enjoy doing 3-4 times a year.

Samolet Wizz Air

Coordinates: 5FJ8+R6H, Zeda Bashi.

Official website of Kutaisi Airport: Information is available in English and Georgian.

Contact phones: +(995) 431-23-70-00, +(995) 431-23-70-01.

Email for Airport Kutaisi:

Kutaisi Airport Online Departures and Arrivals Board

Where to Buy Air Tickets

It is best to buy tickets on Aviasales. It is the most convenient platform for searching, analyzing hundreds of companies, and finding the best results with a link to purchase. Thanks to Aviasales, you will save money and can use it for future travels.

Where to Withdraw Lari and Buy a SIM Card at Kutaisi Airport

After passing passport control upon arrival, you will find currency exchange offices, ATMs, and SIM card sales.

Sim karti v Aeroporu Kutaisi

Currency can be withdrawn in dollars and lari; they accept all cards. There is a 3 lari fee plus your bank’s commission for each card withdrawal. The exchange rate is not favorable, so withdraw only the amount needed to get to the city; you can exchange the rest upon arrival.

Buying SIM cards here is not recommended as their price soars 3-4 times higher compared to the offices of the same operators. The cost, including internet for a week, can reach up to 70 lari. The airport provides free Wi-Fi, so you can order a taxi to the city and buy a SIM card there. Operators include Selfie (cheaper but lower quality), Silknet, and Magti. Georgia cannot boast low internet prices, so be prepared for rates higher than those in your home country.

What’s Inside?

In the arrival hall, there is a shop and exchange counters. It smoothly transitions into the departure hall, where you’ll find a couple of grocery stores and Miniso (offering various home goods, toys, cosmetics, and trinkets). An pharmacy is located between the halls.

After passport control, in the waiting area, there are a couple of cafes (several unnamed ones, Subway, and Dunkin’ Donuts) where you can pass the time before your departure. Here, you’ll also find the duty-free shop with high prices; it’s unlikely that buying anything there will lead to savings.

Tip for Kutaisi Airport Departure:

Foreign passport holders are directed to a separate line in front of the main queue. There’s no need to stand in the large line, which is for Georgian citizens subject to additional police checks before departure.

Getting from Kutaisi Airport to Kutaisi City (14 km)

Taxi: Use the free Wi-Fi and order a taxi through Yandex or Bolt apps. The fare will be around 20 lari. Avoid hailing taxis at the airport—they may charge twice as much as online bookings. However, saving money isn’t always possible, as when flights arrive, everyone starts ordering taxis, increasing demand and prices on the app (around 60-70 lari).

Bus: Buses from the “Georgianbus” company used to operate, but currently, the Kutaisi route is temporarily canceled. Check the information kiosk for updates.

Minibus: Only 5 lari, but they run infrequently, and you might have to wait for up to an hour with luggage in hand. Consider this option only as a last resort.

Transfer: This passenger transport is more expensive than taxis and minibuses (starting from 70 lari), but you can pre-book it, and they will pick you up immediately upon arrival. No need to deal with taxi apps and currency exchange. They can drop you right at the door of your desired hotel or any other point you specify.

Rented Car: If you plan to explore the city extensively and need your own transportation, rent a car. It costs around 90 lari per day, plus fuel (link to the best services below).

Getting from Kutaisi Airport to Tbilisi (250 km)

Taxi: They will take you to the center of the capital for 200 lari if booked through Yandex or Bolt, or from 300 lari if hailed on the street.

Bus: Ticket prices are 25 lari. Traveling on “Georgian Bus” is cheap, comfortable, and fast.

Minibus: Around 25 lari on average, but prices may vary. There are no schedules or information about route numbers, so you’ll need to stop minibuses and ask which one goes to your destination. Be prepared to wait for a long time, and there’s no guarantee that the right vehicle will come by. It’s not the best option; consider it only as a last resort.

Train: Ticket prices start from 9 lari.

Transfer: The cost starts from 320 lari per car. The convenience is that you can book it in advance, and they will pick you up immediately upon arrival, eliminating the need to deal with taxi apps and currency exchange. They will deliver you right to the door of your chosen destination.

Rented Car: It will cost around 90 lari per day, and consider the cost of fuel separately. Details about renting are in the last section.

Getting from Kutaisi Airport to Batumi (130 km)

Taxi: 100 lari through Yandex or Bolt apps, or from 200 lari if hailed on the street.

Bus: A very simple and convenient option, only 25 lari with the “Georgian Bus” company.

Train: Ticket prices start from 31 lari, which is already three times more expensive and less advantageous than trains from Tbilisi.

Car: Information about parking prices is in the last section.

Transfer: The cost starts from 160 lari per economy class car.

Rented Car: It will cost around 90 lari per day, and consider the cost of fuel separately. Details about renting are in the last section.

Aeroport Kutaisi Zakat

How to get from Kutaisi to the airport

Taxi: 20-25 lari via Yandex or Bolt apps, 50-70 lari if hailed on the street.

Bus: Citybus Georgia used to operate, but it’s now canceled.

Car: Check parking costs below.

Transfer: Costs starting from 70 lari.

How to get from Tbilisi to Kutaisi airport

Taxi: 200 lari via Yandex or Bolt, from 300 lari if hailed on the street.

Bus: Tickets from “Georgian Bus” cost 25 lari, a simple and convenient option. Omnibus is also available for 25 lari, 15 lari for children aged 3-10. Departure from the bicycle monument, Javakhishvili 7. Tickets:

If these buses are not available, the last resort is Metro Georgia. It’s more expensive, 35 lari, with 6 daily trips not aligned with flight schedules. The journey takes 4-5.5 hours, so plan accordingly. Tickets:

Train: Cost starting from 9 lari.

Car: Check parking prices in the tips section.

Transfer: Costs starting from 320 lari for a mid-range car.

How to get from Batumi to Kutaisi airport

Taxi: 100 lari via Yandex or Bolt, from 200 lari if hailed on the street.

Bus: Convenient option for 25 lari by “Georgian Bus.”

Train: Cost starting from 31 lari, less economical than trains from Tbilisi.

Car: Check parking prices in the last section.

Transfer: Costs starting from 160 lari for an economy-class car.

vhod Airport Kutaisi

Transport tips and links to/from the airport

Georgian Bus: Schedule aligned with flight arrivals, convenient, and takes you to the city center. Buy tickets on the website: or at the airport’s ticket counter.

Minibus: Common stop for all cities mentioned is 200 meters from the airport, near the main road, coordinates: 5FM8+63 Zeda Bashi.

Train: Trains from Tbilisi and Batumi railway stations go to a station 1.5 kilometers from the airport. Quickly reach it by taxi. Check tickets and schedule on the official website: Trains operate day and night; choose a schedule matching your flight.

Car: A parking lot with 124 spaces near the airport with paid parking (2 lari per hour, 10 lari per day). Some people opt for roadside parking due to the small, expensive, and crowded official parking. Website for transfers:

Rental car: offers a more cost-effective option for renting a car directly at the airport. Rental costs range from 70-100 lari per day (depending on the brand) + fuel. Bring your passport and driver’s license, and a driving experience of 1 to 3 years, depending on the chosen car.


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