Unusual hotels in Georgia. Top 6 most interesting places


For a vacation, you might want to drastically change your living conditions, surroundings, and environment. Unfortunately, most hotels look similar, offering standard rooms with minimalistic designs—boring and commonplace. If you crave something new, vibrant, and unusual, I have a solution for you.

The hotel business is constantly evolving, introducing new establishments with unique concepts and designs. In this collection, I have gathered only the most unusual, interesting, beautiful, and best hotels from all corners of Georgia.

Unusual hotels in Georgia. Top 6

Eco House Merisi – a hotel with a unique design

The first place in the selection is rightfully taken by Eco House Merisi, a mountain hotel and a true gem of Adjara. Its photos have taken over the internet, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. Those who have been here struggle to find words to describe the sheer delight.

Dom s panoramnimi oknami Eco House Merisi

Features that set it apart:

It is Georgia’s first Instagram hotel with a unique concept of glass bedrooms offering panoramic views. Imagine sitting in your warm, cozy cottage with breathtaking views of the majestic Caucasus Mountains. Due to its altitude (750 meters), the cottage gives the impression of floating over the abyss.

Eco House Merisi is small, with only 6 cottages, allowing guests to retreat from the world and be one with nature in their cozy cottages. For complete relaxation, each cottage has a hot tub and a hammock.

The 6-meter swings on the mountainside are also a signature feature.

The hotel has a restaurant with a glass veranda where you can enjoy food while contemplating the stunning mountain landscapes. There is a glass VIP platform on the premises for unique photo sessions. A photo from there will be a highlight on your Instagram.

Eco House Merisi has become a favorite spot for bloggers and celebrities. The renowned British singer Katie Melua even shot her music video here shortly after the hotel opened in 2020.

Many copies of the hotel have started to appear, as the concept has captivated everyone. However, Eco House Merisi remains its founder.

Bookings can be made only on the website: ecohousemerisi.com

Nika Hotel and Club – a popular hotel in Georgia

Nika Hotel and Club is another project from the creator of Eco House Merisi. This hotel is newer, more extensive, and has a more interesting infrastructure. It incorporates all the boldest and most amazing ideas.

Nika steklyannaya spalnya

Why is it so unique and worth visiting? Key features include:

Like its predecessor, it is a hotel with panoramic views thanks to its glass walls. Situated even higher, at 1000 meters above sea level, it offers even more breathtaking mountain views, for which Georgia is renowned.

There are 14 photo locations on the Nika premises. How about a bed shaped like khachapuri, swings right over the mountain cliff, a bicycle with a mirrored reflection, or a stone hand holding the world’s largest wine horn? You can even climb to the top of the horn for a unique photo that will break your social media.

The hotel has a park with photo zones, where you can come even if you don’t stay overnight. You can have a picnic and rent a luxurious dress for a photoshoot.

A charming and interesting feature of Nika is hand-reared goats that roam freely on the property, ready to be petted and photographed.

Another delightful element is the heated pool with a panoramic view. Just imagine, lying in a warm pool overlooking the snowy mountain peaks—a true fairy tale.

In the cozy cottages of Nika Hotel and Club, you’ll feel at home, gazing through glass walls at the beauty of the surroundings or soaking in a jacuzzi right in your room.

The hotel provides transfers from Batumi, which is more cost-effective than taking a taxi.

Bookings can be made through the official website: nikageorgia.com or via Booking.com.

Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort

Quadrum is a mountain designer hotel located in Upper Gudauri, amidst snow-covered mountain expanses.

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort

Distinctive features:

Of course, the main highlight is its design. Quadrum looks like it was assembled from giant cubes, with each block serving as a room where you can stay during your trip.

Quadrum pioneered eco-friendly construction, aiming to protect nature from human impact. During implementation, they preserved the landscape and used only eco-friendly materials. By staying at Quadrum, you not only get fantastic impressions but also join the “green” movement.

When booking, you can choose from 21 rooms, each with a breathtaking view of the mountains from an altitude of 2200 meters. Another pleasant feature of all Quadrum apartments is the heated floors, making you feel even cozier in your little home.

Guests can enjoy a restaurant serving national cuisine and a lobby bar where you can taste delicious dishes and drinks from 8 am to 12 midnight.

For complete relaxation, the hotel has a spa with a sauna and hydromassage. You can also take a dip in the panoramic view pool, visit the fitness center, or attend a yoga session. All aquatic procedures are free for Quadrum visitors.

Снежные горы и отель Квадрум Квадрум отель зимой. Гудаури, Грузия

Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort will be your cozy and warm home where you can escape from everything while contemplating the majestic mountain landscapes.

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Tsinandali Estate, A Radisson Collection Hotel

Tsinandali Estate is located in Kakheti, the renowned winemaking region of Tsinandali. Perfect for those interested in the culture of winemaking, the hotel offers vineyard tours in the region.

Tsinandali Estate hotel

Tsinandali Estate boasts several unique and interesting features:

Firstly, the entire building is green due to plants planted directly on the external sides of the walls. The design even resembles fairytale-like ancient castles covered in ivy.

Secondly, the hotel is situated on the estate of Georgian Prince Alexander Chavchavadze. In the courtyard of Tsinandali Estate, you’ll find his house-museum, and in the cellar that once belonged to Chavchavadze, wines of own production are stored. Guests can partake in wine tastings, where each variety, its characteristics, and distinctions are explained.

The hotel offers 141 rooms spread across 4 floors, each themed around a season and designed in corresponding colors. Before check-in, guests can choose their preferred season. The rooms provide beautiful views of vineyards and mountain expanses.

Tsinandali Estate encompasses the 18-hectare Chavchavadze Park, where strolling allows you to connect with nature and inhale the scent of greenery. The park also houses the eponymous house-museum, open for visitation.

The cherry on top is the rooftop heated pool, offering a breathtaking view of the Caucasus Mountains.

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Hotel Qvevrebi

Despite being opened in 2023, Qvevrebi has already made its mark in many lists of unique hotels in Georgia.

Kvevrebi hotel kuvshin

Qvevrebi highlights:

Its unique concept sets it apart—half of the rooms are inside huge qvevris, traditional Georgian vessels for wine storage. The hotel features 20 “pitchers” lying on the ground and 17 regular apartments. Inside each qvevri is a small room, with most of it occupied by a bed, and the end of the vessel is dedicated to a bathroom with all necessary amenities. Each “qvevri” has a terrace offering a magical view of mountain peaks and the Alazani Valley. In the evening, the vessels are illuminated, creating an extraordinarily cozy and beautiful atmosphere.

During the summer, guests can enjoy an open-air pool with the same panoramic mountain view.

For breakfast, you can choose from a diverse buffet, and for other meals, order dishes from the hotel’s restaurant menu. The menu offers delicious options and a good variety of dishes and drinks. Half of Qvevrebi’s territory is covered with vineyards, so the menu also includes wines of their own production.

Tuman rano utrom v Kvevrebi

This hotel is perfect if you want to retreat and escape to your quiet and secluded corner. Plus, you’ll have a unique story to tell your friends about spending your vacation in a wine pitcher—a true and intriguing experience.

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Tiflis Inn in Tbilisi

Concluding my top selection is Tiflis Inn, a hotel in the Chugureti district in the center of Tbilisi. It may not appeal to minimalism enthusiasts but is sure to charm those who appreciate vintage items and colorful designs.

Tiflis Inn features:

Its main distinctive feature is its 19th-century-style decor. All items are authentic, collected from flea markets and bazaars, then brought to perfect condition. With all these plates on the walls, whimsical chandeliers, carved furniture, paintings, and other trinkets, it feels like you’re in an antique souvenir shop. The hotel’s name is also a nod to history: until 1936, Tbilisi was called “Tiflis.”

Each room is unique, with its own distinctive design. Beds with wrought iron frames (either antique or designed to look antique) are large and comfortable—sleeping on them will make you feel like a noble prince from the 19th century.

Tiflis Inn is conveniently located, with the Marjanishvili metro station just a 5-minute walk away. Interesting attractions in the vicinity include Fabrika, the picturesque Agmashenebeli Avenue, the zoo, and the Tbilisi Academic Theater.

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