Top 6 Restaurants for the Best Khinkali in Tbilisi


Where to Eat Khinkali in Tbilisi?

Coming to Georgia and not trying khinkali is a serious offense. I sincerely believe that few would dare to take such a hasty step.

Khinkali is prepared and served in almost every restaurant and cafe. However, even in Georgia, they are not equally delicious everywhere. What should a tourist do, staying only for a few days? How to understand where the tastiest khinkali in Tbilisi can be found?

I spent a long time questioning all my acquaintances and friends in Tbilisi, learning about their favorite places. Then, for two months, I visited about twenty restaurants that were recommended to me. All this to compile a rating of the top six.


It seems like everyone already knows how to eat khinkali correctly. But just in case, I’ll repeat: you need to take khinkali by the “tail” with your hands (only hands, no forks!), take small bites, and enjoy the delicious broth inside. Only then can you start eating the meat filling.

The “tail” is usually not eaten; it is left on the plate, perhaps to count the number of eaten pieces later.

The brief instructions are given, and we can proceed to the rating.

The Most Delicious Khinkali in the Center of Tbilisi

Here is my top 6 list of the best restaurants:

  1. Pasanauri
  2. House of Khinkali
  3. Veliaminov’s Dukhan
  4. Khinkali Kliké
  5. Daphne
  6. Khinkali Factory

And now, more details about each khinkali restaurant and why I placed them in this order.


The first place in this ranking is rightfully claimed by ‘Pasanauri’ – a restaurant serving the best khinkali in Tbilisi. It is named after the village Pasanauri, considered the birthplace of khinkali. According to legend, a Georgian girl invented them for her ailing brother. Khinkali is a splendid combination of delicious dough, invigorating broth, and meat.

Pasanauri is a whole network consisting of 6 restaurants with a very convenient location: most are in the center and historic part of the city, while others are in different districts but still close to the metro and easily accessible.

Pasanauri near the Sulfur Baths, on Meidan Square:

Inside, there is a colorful interior with lots of wood (reminiscent of an old village house), creating a cozy atmosphere and famous Georgian hospitality.

Once you’ve chosen a spot to sit and are ready for a tasting, heed my advice: opt for Pasanauri’s signature khinkali – they are the most delicious. Priced at 1.8 lari each (slightly more expensive than other khinkali on the menu), they are well worth it. I enjoyed them a lot; the dough was perfectly cooked, all the juices stayed inside, and there was plenty of meat, definitely not skimping.

I liked the service; they brought the food quickly, around 15 minutes. However, it might not always be the case: in the evenings, there’s a rush of visitors, and you might not only have to wait for half an hour but also find no available seats. Nevertheless, it’s worth it, and to guarantee dinner here, it’s better to reserve a table.

A big plus is that they don’t charge a separate service fee here (unlike most restaurants in Georgia), and you decide how much tip to leave. By ordering, you immediately know what the final bill will be.

In general, I can confidently recommend ‘Pasanauri’; here, you can try the very epitome of khinkali.

Branch on Baratashvili Avenue (5 minutes from Freedom Square):

Official website:


1 Vakhtang Gorgasali St (one of the most popular branches, located in the Old Town)

17 Nikoloz Baratashvili St (here, from 20:00 to 11:00, the trio “Varazi” performs with a musical program of Georgian national songs).

Working hours: 24/7.

Phone number: +995 595 54 77 55.

Khinkali House 

Another equally popular spot where all lovers of Georgian cuisine gather is Khinkali House Tbilisi. This restaurant network consists of 11 branches located near metro stations. However, I recommend coming to the one on Rustaveli — it is one of the largest and is in the very center of the city, making it very convenient to grab a bite and continue exploring beautiful Tbilisi.

Beautiful stylish interior, on the second floor there are aquariums with fish illuminated by neon lights. The only downside — some sofas are round, which may not be very comfortable. On Saturdays, after 10 pm, a folk dance ensemble performs, and there is also a musical program. If you are interested in Georgian culture, I highly recommend stopping by and watching the show.

The menu is extensive, offering both traditional Georgian dishes and familiar European ones. The food was served quite quickly, around 20 minutes. The khinkali is tasty and juicy, seasoned with spices and greens in the filling. Locals also often visit here, which speaks to the quality.

As for prices, they are quite low, a kind of golden mean among all. Beef khinkali costs 1.6 lari, Adjaran khachapuri 12.5 lari, shashlik 14 lari. Plus, you need to pay for service — 10% of the bill.

Khinkali House Tbilisi often hosts holidays, birthdays, weddings; here, you can find good service, delicious food, and pleasant prices.

Branch on Rustaveli:

Address: 37 Shota Rustaveli Ave.

Working hours: 10:00-02:00.

Phone number: +995 557 42 42 59.

Veliaminov’s Dukhan

The next establishment that undoubtedly deserves attention is Veliaminov’s Dukhan (sometimes spelled Velyaminova). It is located just steps away from Freedom Square; you just need to walk to the monument of George the Victorious and go up the street a bit. You will see small doors leading down to the basement with the scrolling sign “Velyaminov.”

So, what is this dukhan? It’s a Georgian classic, a type of establishment you won’t find in any other country. They were something like a tavern or canteen where, in the evenings, all lovers of inexpensive dinner and drinks gathered.

Niko Pirosmani himself, who was extremely poor during his lifetime, used to come to such a dukhan and draw pictures on the tablecloth for food and wine. That’s why most of his works are on dark canvas – it’s not a canvas for painting, just a piece of oilcloth.

Inside Veliaminov’s, there is an interior reminiscent of an old house, with carved wooden stairs and stone walls, somewhat resembling a medieval castle.

The restaurant’s menu is small, but they cook excellently, and you won’t go wrong ordering any dish. There are only two types of khinkali – city-style (with greens) and beef (without greens).

It’s important to note that khinkali can be ordered only in batches of 10 of the same type.

They brought them very quickly, in 15 minutes. As for the taste, you can sing ballads about it – plenty of broth (even more than in other khinkali places in this selection), incredibly juicy meat, and perfectly cooked, fresh dough.

Prices will pleasantly surprise you: both types of khinkali are 1.5 lari each (you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else in the city), Georgian bread is 2 lari, kebab is 10 lari. The highlight of this place is the excellent lemonades and beer from the “Kazbegi” brewery, which is almost impossible to find in stores. A bottle of lemonade in glass costs 2.5 lari (available in more than 5 varieties), and a glass of beer is only 3 lari. Service charge – 10% of the bill.

If you ask a local, “Where to find delicious khinkali in Tbilisi?” there is a high chance they will direct you to Velyaminov. Here, you can eat cheaply and heartily, getting maximum enjoyment from the taste.

Address: 8 Shalva Dadiani St.

Working hours: 10:00-22:30.

Phone number: +995 032 292 02 95.

Klike’s Khinkali

I present to your attention – Klike’s Khinkali, a khinkali bar in the very center of Tbilisi. Yes, you heard it right, it’s a bar. The menu consists of 7 types of khinkali, churchkhelas, meat platters, and various snacks, along with an extensive drinks list. Be sure to pay attention to “Lagidze Waters” – the famous refreshing sodas produced in Tbilisi since the late 19th century. The bar offers a wide variety of flavors: chocolate, cherry, lemon, grape, and more.

The order was brought quickly, had to wait no more than 15 minutes. The khinkali were tasty, a bit spicy, though slightly on the salty side, but that’s a matter of preference. The service was excellent; the waiter helped with the choice and was very friendly.

All khinkali are priced the same, at 1.8 lari each, churchkhela is 7 lari, a “Lagidze” soda is 3 lari, and a glass of beer is 7 lari. But remember that the service charge, 18% of the bill (the highest among all the establishments in this selection), is included in the price.

The establishment itself is small and cozy (only 10 tables), with stone walls, bookshelves, and plants in barrels. It is located in the basement of a building with thick walls, so mobile internet doesn’t work well, and the signal is also weak. If you need internet, ask the waiter for the Wi-Fi password.

I can leave a positive review and recommend this place for hanging out with friends over a glass of beer and delicious khinkali. Don’t be put off by the appearance and entrance. Inside, there is a very pleasant and calming atmosphere, free from noise and hustle, perfect for relaxation.

Address: 1 Shio Chitadze St.

Working hours: 11:00-22:00.

Phone number: +995 555 41 19 91.


Daphna stands out from the establishments listed above. Firstly, with its modern Instagrammable interior: pastel pink tones, a bar with neon lighting, cute potted plants.

Secondly, it’s the place where you can try khinkali with damblacho (Georgian blue cheese). This is a national dish included in the list of intangible cultural heritage. But be careful – it’s an acquired taste and may not be liked by everyone. If you don’t like the specific smell and bitterness of blue cheese, it’s better to skip this dish.

Prices at the restaurant are reasonable, especially considering its location in the city center, right on the Dry Bridge. Meat khinkali will cost 1.6 lari each, Imeretian khachapuri 18 lari, tea 4 lari, and the most interesting dish, khinkali with damblacho, is priced at 12 lari (4 pieces + special sauce).

The restaurant has a wonderful creative Instagram; I highly recommend taking a look.

Address: Dry Bridge, 29 Atoneli St.

Working hours: 11:00-02:00.

Phone number: +995 595 69 00 11

Hinkali Factory

This Tbilisi khinkali restaurant is listed last because it’s for those who have already had their fill of traditional Georgian cuisine and want something new. Specifically for you, there’s the “assemble your own khinkali” quest.

In addition to a large variety of meat and vegetarian fillings, you can choose the dough (regular or whole grain) and the cooking method: boiled, boiled and fried, and khinkali deep-fried.

Importantly, the price does not increase based on the variety of dough and cooking method. And if you’re not impressed with the above-mentioned dishes, the menu even includes mini-chebureks, Asian dumplings, and sweet khinkali.

Prices are above average: the cheapest meat khinkali are 1.8 lari each, and the more expensive ones are 2.8 lari. But this can be explained by the exclusivity of the assembly and cooking process tailored to each guest. A service charge of 13% of the bill will be added.

Hinkali Factory is a small chain with 4 establishments; I visited the one on Orbeliani. The location is a big plus, easy to get to, and after lunch, you can continue exploring the center. The interior is beautiful, especially the depictions of Tbilisi’s main landmarks on the wall (Mother Georgia, Mtatsminda, the monument to Vakhtang Gorgasali, etc.).

The only drawback of the establishment is that you might have to wait for a long time, as I and other visitors noticed. The order (which was, of course, khinkali, the most popular dish) took more than half an hour. But this can be overlooked because the golden fried khinkali with a crispy crust were worth every minute of waiting.

Address: 2 Pkhovi St, Tbilisi (on Orbeliani), 77 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi (in Saburtalo).

Working hours: 10:00-00:00.

Phone number: +995 577 33 03 07 (first branch), +995 577 33 03 06 (second branch).

Restaurants with the Best Khinkali in Tbilisi on the Map

Objects mentioned in the article are marked with yellow flags. Blue flags indicate other branches of the networks.

Click on the arrow icon in the upper left corner, and a list of all establishments will appear.

Bon appétit and have a great time in Georgia!


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