Best Coffee Shops in Tbilisi. Top 10 places with delicious coffee


The Best Coffee Shops in Tbilisi: Trends and Oases of Stability in the Sunny City

Coffee is loved in Georgia and is not just a beverage but a tradition deeply embedded in the local culture. Traditionally, it was brewed in a cezve (locally known as a turka) and ground in a manual coffee grinder, which can still be found in flea markets in Tbilisi. Such coffee can be found in any establishment serving Georgian cuisine.

However, development doesn’t stand still, and the third wave of coffee is sweeping the world, often referred to as “specialty.” This title is given to places where coffee is served exclusively from carefully selected, freshly ground beans of the highest quality. The most authoritative and well-known in this field is Starbucks, but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in Georgia. What if I told you that in the capital, there are places that can confidently compete with the renowned chain? I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 specialty coffee shops in Tbilisi, each of which will captivate even the most seasoned coffee enthusiast:

1. Erti Kava
2. Groovy Roasters
3. Coffee Lab
4. Shavi Coffee Roasters
5. Chernyi Cooperative Coffee Roasters
6. Pulp
8. Gymnasia cafe
9. Pro Barista
10. No More Mondays

Erti Kava

Let’s start with my favorite coffee shop. I often visit their branch in Batumi. And during trips to the capital, if I’m in the Rustaveli area, I make sure to drop by for a cup of cappuccino.

Vkusnoe kofe v Tbilisi

Erti Kava, translated as “one coffee,” is the founder of the specialty coffee industry in Georgia. It was founded by two women, one Ukrainian and one Russian, and now includes 4 branches in three cities.

The first thing you’ll notice is the delightful design with ethnic notes. Light tones, walls hand-painted with Tushetian ornamentation (from the high-mountain region of Tusheti), and pomegranate branches at the entrance— at first glance, you can understand that this is Georgia, not any other country in the world. There are also original zones: in addition to regular tables, you can have coffee right on the floor, sitting on a blanket surrounded by cushions or on swings suspended from the ceiling around a large table. For kids, there’s a play area with busy boards, so the little ones will be occupied while you enjoy your time in peace.

Erti kava vnutri

It’s one of the best places for early birds as you can come here for breakfast from 8 am. They serve signature bagels (including vegan options), avocado toasts, scrambles with salmon, and much more. Desserts deserve special attention: how about a vegan Snickers? Also, honey cake, carrot cake, pancakes, raspberry éclairs, and signature candies.

By the way, I’ve already talked about this place in an article about the Best Breakfasts in Tbilisi. There is also useful information about coffee.

They brew coffee from beans by the best roaster in Berlin. If you want to make a drink of excellent taste at home, Erti Kava offers a good selection of various coffee varieties for purchase. You can also buy charming ceramic cups and badges with mountains.

Address: M. Lagidze Str, 8.

Working hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM.


Groovy Roasters

The next establishment that unquestionably deserves attention is the well-known hipster coffee shop Groovy Roasters in Chugureti. It positions itself as a place where people from all over the world with different destinies, interests, and hobbies can find common ground thanks to coffee that brings everyone together. Located near the legendary Fabrika Tbilisi, where the vibrant crowd of the capital converges.

Inside, there’s a cozy atmosphere that helps you relax. Brick walls in a loft style, vintage colorful furniture, photos on the walls—stylish and very European. At the entrance, you’ll be greeted by the resident mascot, Lola the dachshund, who gladly allows herself to be petted. By the way, you can also bring your pets here; the place is pet-friendly.

Groovy roasters

Groovy Roasters is an exclusive place when it comes to coffee; the owners import the beans themselves. Moreover, right on the open kitchen, they roast them in front of your eyes—imagine the delightful aroma. I can confidently say that they serve one of the most delicious filter coffees in the city. There’s a wide selection of pastries, and you can order breakfast throughout the day, so come for cheesecakes and omelets even at 7 PM in the evening.

Prices are above average, but they are entirely justified. And for those who want to enjoy great coffee at home, you can buy a pack of coffee beans from them (starting from 30 GEL for 250 grams). You won’t find the same anywhere else since they import them exclusively for this establishment.

Address: Ninoshtvili Str, 17.

Working hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.


Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab also stands at the origins of third-wave coffee shops and is a favorite place for freelancers. It is now a chain with 5 branches!

The first coffee roasting in Georgia appeared precisely with them. The chain independently imports green coffee beans, and then prepares them to brew a delicious beverage. This results in an unusual sweet and sour taste with fruity notes.

coffee lab vitrina

The coffee shops have a recognizable design and pleasant service, making it a pleasure to sit here for an hour or two with a laptop or finally meet up with friends. Themed tableware in the form of test tubes and beakers, and on the walls, structural chemical elements.

The coffee is genuinely good, served in Huskee cups (eco-friendly cups made from coffee husks), with prices starting from 10 GEL. People come here for tasty pastries, both layered and sweet, and for breakfasts. You can also buy coffee devices for home.

Main branch addresses: Kazbegi Str 27, Chavchavadze Str 37, Paliashvili Str 24.

Working hours: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM.


Shavi Coffee Roasters

Another cool spot with local roasting right within the coffee shop. Shavi Coffee Roasters selects interesting varieties themselves and roasts them in small batches. They source raw materials from small farms. It’s a favorite place for foreigners, especially Europeans, so it’s worth coming here for multicultural encounters.

Shavi coffee

The design of the branches is stylish and beautiful; most tables are specially designed for working with laptops. That’s why it’s a favorite place for freelancers.

With aromatic coffee, you can grab pastries, handmade candies, sweet and savory toasts. And even khachapuri with pears and honey! You can also buy a pack of coffee to take home (starting from 34 GEL for 250 grams), devices for its preparation, and cute ceramic cups.

Branch addresses: M. Zandukeli Str 40, L. Asatiani Str 28.

Working hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM.


Chernyi Cooperative Coffee Roasters

Chernyi Cooperative Coffee Roasters is an international network of specialty coffee shops with branches in St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, and Belgrade.

The interior is classic and minimalist, providing a reset from the vibrant colors of the city.

Chennai Cooperative Coffee Roasters

The coffee shop has its own roasting, allowing you to enjoy a drink made from aromatic, freshly ground beans. Chernyi Cooperative has extensive experience in the coffee industry and a professional team. The Tbilisi branch offers many comfortable spaces for freelancers, so feel free to come here for a work atmosphere and a cup of cappuccino.

Every month, they have a “Black Friday” when they serve filter coffee for free. Besides drinks and sweet pastries, you can also have a full meal: they offer soups, meat dishes, salads, toasts, and much more.

Address: Mtskheta Str 17.

Working hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.



Pulp is a highly popular place on the now-established coffee street Janashia. The team is known for organizing a subscription for European roasters. Besides coffee, you can also buy a bottle of wine to take home. It’s not the typical Georgian wine here; it’s closer to European varieties.

The owners of Pulp, a husband and wife, managed to transfer the atmosphere of love and family comfort to this place.

Inside, there’s a stylish Scandinavian interior, an outdoor terrace, comfortable spaces for freelancers equipped with sockets, separated for a more comfortable work environment. Sometimes, especially in the mornings, there’s such a strong influx of people that there are simply no free seats. By the way, dog owners can confidently bring their pets here — the place is pet-friendly.

It’s worth noting that the prices here are lower than in other coffee shops in the selection, but the quality and service do not suffer at all. The fresh pastries are simply divine, they serve late breakfast for those who love to sleep in. Everything made from puff pastry is especially praised; the chefs somehow magically make it incredibly delicious and tender. And if you ordered filter coffee, you can refill your cup one more time for free.

Address: S. Janashia Str 22.

Working hours: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM.



BNKR is one of the newcomers in the specialty coffee wave but has already gained experience and interesting features. The Tbilisi branch was opened by the team from St. Petersburg, which independently sources and roasts coffee.

BNKR vitrina

The most recognizable drink is the “red coffee” or Chemex (coffee on pomegranate juice). But besides that, there are other unusual options: espresso with maracuja, coffee with orange juice, and Australian lungo. You can order a hearty breakfast, such as quiche or chicken pie. There’s also a good selection of sweet pastries and desserts.

The place is pet-friendly, and you can often find their local employee, the cat Anton, sleeping on a chair. The theme of cats is also played out in the interior, as the owners really love these animals. Downstairs, there’s a separate room where you can play video games.

Address: S. Janashia Str 26.

Working hours: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM.


Gymnasia cafe

The cafe is located away from the city center and is part of the Gymnasia Sports Academy project. It was established by the owners of the fitness center who were concerned that their clients eat deliciously and correctly rather than rushing to the nearest fast-food place after a workout.

Gymnasia cafe Tbilisi

This place is popular not only among athletes but also among locals and tourists. It’s a pleasure to order a balanced and nutritious breakfast and enjoy it on the terrace with a view of the mountain landscapes. And, indeed, proper nutrition can be very delicious! Fresh vegetables and kimchi, meat dishes, healthy desserts, and toasts – all this and much more can be ordered at Gymnasia cafe.

As for coffee, it’s of the highest quality, very flavorful, with options for both regular and alternative milk. The menu also includes several types of Chinese tea, served on a traditional “chaban” board.

Address: E. Amashukeli Str 14a.

Working hours: 8:30 AM – 10:30 PM.


Pro Barista

Pro Barista is a successful project by the team of “coffee specialists” from Kazakhstan. The company has extensive experience working with specialty coffee, and the facts speak for themselves:

– Own production
– Over 20 types of beans
– Daily roasting in small batches
– Creation of exclusive coffee blends.

In addition to a cup of coffee, you can choose a pack of coffee from a huge assortment and even buy a coffee machine and other gadgets. Specialists will provide detailed information about all the nuances and help with the selection.

pro barista Tbilisi

Sometimes they organize masterclasses on coffee brewing and working with a French press, as well as promotions and tastings. Moreover, the coffee shop offers a good selection of pastries.

The venue is conveniently located near the Tbilisi railway station, so you can quickly grab a cup of coffee before your journey.

Address: G. Chubinashvili Str 63.

Working hours: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM.


No More Mondays

A new coffee spot on the Tbilisi map created by an experienced team with international credentials.

Located in Vake, it’s very convenient to drop by here after visiting the park and Turtle Lake. The place is cozy, with tables outside under the shady crowns of trees. The owners are very friendly to dogs, so feel free to bring your pets.

Every second visitor praises the buckwheat with shiitake mushroom sauce, and the matcha is prepared wonderfully, with a lot of foam. The barista makes excellent filter coffee; you will definitely be satisfied. In addition to this, there’s chocolate buckwheat, carrot cake with cream cheese, hummus with olives and pita, as well as a good selection of cocktails. This place is mainly known among locals, but newcomers who happen to visit are left completely delighted with No More Mondays.

Address: M. Kostava Str 21.

Working hours: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM.


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