The best bars in Tbilisi


Welcome to the enticing world of Tbilisi’s bars! If you’re tired of wine and seeking refuge with cocktails, this guide was created just for you. Allow me to be your guide on this epic cocktail odyssey. After all, nothing compares to an enchanting evening spent at the bar, where each sip is a new discovery.

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve honestly sacrificed my liver at each establishment on this list, daring to try various cocktails at my own risk. It was a long and laborious process, but who said exploring the best bars in the city is an easy task?

However, the word “caution” is particularly appropriate here. Trust me, many of these bars can become addictive after the first visit. Get ready for an exciting journey through the best bars in Tbilisi!

Top Bars in Tbilisi:

1. Gastrobar Barbar’a Bar
2. 41° Art of Drinks
3. Sircha
4. Chacha Time
5. Rudeboy

Gastrobar Barbar’a

An amazing bar that I stumbled upon by chance. Now, it’s my regular haunt. I was amazed for the second time when I found out that many Tbilisi locals frequent this gastrobar regularly.

vhod v Barabara

You should come here for classics in large glasses. Try five variations of Aperol Spritz. Then ask for something off the beaten path. Fall in love with a new drink but forget its name, as it’s already the sixth glass. Sit on the tiny balcony of the historic building, savoring the evening coolness. The balcony is the perfect spot for romantic evenings. Your companion will definitely appreciate the atmosphere and cocktails.

The food here is quite good. Some of my friends like to come here for a late dinner, which smoothly transitions into a cocktail party, and then into dancing. The place allows for it, and the DJs know their music.

Barbara bar

I confess; I hardly use the menu. Manager Alena is a real gem. She always guesses the taste spot-on. Although I often ask for something new and unusual, she’s always ready to support the conversation, attentive to guests. The homey, friendly atmosphere created by Alena is one of the two main reasons why I and many of my acquaintances come here. The second reason is the very delicious cocktails.

The Google rating of 4.9 is too low. Barbar’a deserves a perfect 5!

Alcohol prices are average, but food prices are above average. Perhaps, this is important for you. But I can’t count it as a negative because the food is tasty and prepared using some clever method that preserves all the beneficial properties of the ingredients. You can inquire with the manager about this miracle method. After the fifth cocktail, I always forget the name.

And let’s not forget about the interior. It’s modern yet retains the spirit of a 19th-century mansion.

Gastrobar Barbara

The verdict for this gastrobar is simple: skipping such a treasure is highly not recommended. Personally, for me, it’s the best bar in Tbilisi.

Address: 33 Kote Afkhazi Str
Opening Hours: 17:00 – 03:00
How to Get There

41° Art of Drinks

I was brought to this bar by friends at some point. A wonderful place from the trendy theme of “unmarked establishments” or “secret bars.”

vhod v 41 art of drink

In a neighboring lane off the center, in a modest basement hidden under an inconspicuous arch, one of the best bars in Tbilisi is tucked away. Don’t be put off by the small hall and the handwritten menu in an old notebook with 15 items.

menu v 41 art of drink

People don’t come to such places to study the assortment for a long time. Here, you just need to tell the bartender your preferences, and he will create a miracle before your eyes, mixing unknown and exotic ingredients. Certainly, if you want something classic, they will make it. But why? When there’s an unexplored world of beautiful novelties! Want something with local exotic? Take a cocktail with matsoni. Or a drink with tkemali. In my visiting program, a mix with violet liqueur is mandatory. I always start with it.

kokteil s matsoni v 41 art

I’ll say it again, forget about the menu. Bartenders are your best friends. They are always ready to mix something bright and unforgettable. They’ll support the conversation. An evening with a delicious drink and pleasant conversation will fly by unnoticed.

bar 41 art of drink

41° Art of Drinks is one of my top three favorite bars in Tbilisi. If you’re there, say hi to Vlad from Batumi!

Address: 19 Galaktion Tabidze Str
Opening Hours: 19:00 – 02:00
How to Get There


Be prepared to fall in love with “Sircha” from the first shot! This establishment is very reminiscent of 41° Art of Drinks in its concept. Alcohol here is served in cute small glasses, and they disappear with such ease and enjoyment that it’s almost impossible to stop. The bartenders are the soul of the place, always happy to discuss everything under the sun.


The very name of the bar translates as “a shot on a leg,” an ancient Georgian word that is not used in everyday language. The entrance to the bar is worth a separate mention – it’s genuinely hard to find, even if you know where to look. To make it easier for you, I’m attaching a photo.

vhod v sircha

Don’t ask for a menu. There isn’t one here. Instead, demand signature cocktails right away – they are simply divine. Classics are not highly regarded here. Order it in some tourist restaurant on Leselidze. Here, you should go for a new and bright palette of taste, for the ecstasy of perfectly balanced mixes and proportions. If you can experience a taste orgasm from a cocktail, it’s only here! And yes, they don’t add ice – it gives the drinks a special depth and richness of taste.

bar stoika v sirche firmennie kokteili v sirche

Address: Mitropan Lagidze Str 6
Opening Hours: 20:00 – 02:00
How to Get There

The above-described bars have one big drawback: it’s very challenging to choose which one to go to. They are all so good and interesting.

Chacha Time

The capital branch of a popular bar from Batumi. Despite the huge number of taverns in the city, this place stands out among them thanks to its uniqueness and originality. Here, you will enter the real world of chacha (over 40 varieties in the assortment) – traditional Georgian moonshine that will turn your idea of this drink upside down. Even if you are not a fan, you should give it a chance.

I was most impressed by the smoked chacha. Imagine: it exists, and it really has a smoky taste! The cocktail with it is called “Old Georgia.” Note that this cocktail is strong. Not everyone will like it. Want classic in a new interpretation: there’s a large selection here. For example, chacha mixes well in Aperol Spritz.

Staraya Gruzia

At Chacha Time, you can enjoy not only exquisite drinks but also delicious food. The menu will delight you with a variety of dishes that go perfectly with drinks. A great choice of kebabs, burgers, and other culinary delights will allow you to savor unique flavors. The atmosphere of the establishment has absorbed the spirit of Georgia and creates a special atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the evening with friends or family. The staff is friendly and attentive. They will gladly share interesting facts about chacha and share recipes for experimental cocktails.

Chacha time Tbilisi

Address: 5 Geronti Kikodze Str
Opening Hours: 14:00 – 02:00
How to Get There


Not far from Freedom Square, there is an establishment called “Rudeboy.” The first thing that catches your eye is the quite interesting interior. Personally, I was most impressed by the tables-windowsills located in the window openings. Thanks to this feature, the fun kind of spills out onto the street and captures you even before you enter.

Rudeboy fasad

Undoubtedly, this is a popular place in Tbilisi – especially in the evenings. It’s almost always crowded, so finding a free place can be challenging. But honestly, this tavern didn’t impress me much. The chairs at the bar are quite low and not very comfortable. Unfortunately, the baristas are not always friendly. When I asked for cocktail recommendations, the response was in such a tone as if I owed them something.

kokteil v rudeboy

Regarding drinks… Well, what can I say, the cocktails I tried were quite ordinary, but the presentation is beautiful. They don’t evoke a desire to reorder.

So, describing “Rudeboy” is quite difficult for me. I don’t plan to go back there, but maybe I just wasn’t lucky that time? After all, judging by attendance and rating on Google Maps, people like it there. Still, it’s worth considering that tastes vary.

Rudeboy stena

Address: 9 Shalva Dadiani Str
Opening Hours: 15:00 – 01:00
How to Get There

I sincerely hope that my guide will help you make a choice and enjoy unforgettable evenings in the best cocktail bars in Tbilisi.



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