Statue of “Ali and Nino” in Batumi


Statue of “Ali and Nino” in Batumi – description

Walking along the seaside boulevard Batumi, it is impossible not to pay attention to the iconic statue “Ali and Nino”. It is an important attraction of Adjara capital. Sculpture is not only beautiful in its art, but also carries a deep symbol that everyone has to taste. The statue is two figures, a man and a woman, which in time approach each other, creating the illusion of eternal movement and fusion. The entire cycle of motion lasts only 10 minutes, making this object truly unique in its kind. And when night falls, the monument has a stunning backlight, changing colors, which gives it a magical look.

The sculpture “Ali and Nino” in Batumi has no hands, which is a feature of its design. This decision was taken by the author of the monument, Tamara Kvesitadze, in order to emphasize the idea of unity and division, which she wanted to express in her work. The statue’s lack of arms is also interpreted by some as a symbol that love may not always be complete and perfect, and that even in the strongest relationships there may be problems and disagreements.

Zakat Ali i Nino

The story of Ali and Nino

You may have heard the story of Ali and Nino. If not, it’s time to get to know this sad and exciting story.

“Ali and Nino” is a fascinating novel that takes place in the Transcaucasus and tells about the forbidden love between Muslim Ali Khan Shirvanshir and Princess Nino Kipiani, a Christian from Georgia. The story unfolds in the narrow streets of the Old City of Baku, where their love confronts social norms. This eternal history explores the complexities of the relationship between Islam and Christianity, and the invincible power of love. Ali and Nino overcome the trials of war and find love that knows no boundaries.

The book was written under the pseudonym Kurban Said, in 1937. The author of the book is still unknown, but most researchers attribute it to Lev Nussimbaum, a Jew from Baku. The book was written in German and published in Europe. However, this does not prevent the novel from being considered a classic of Azerbaijani literature.

The novel has been translated into over thirty languages and has become a world bestseller. The love story between Azerbaijani young man Ali and girl Nino from Sakartvelo, living in different religions, touched the hearts of many people around the world. In the fifteenth year, the story was filmed, and in the sixteenth year, a play was staged at the Theatre of Russian Drama in the capital of Azerbaijan.

Sculpture History

This wonderful work was created by sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze. The author of the project is from Tbilisi, but now lives in the USA, where he works. It is known for its kinetic sculptures, which move and penetrate each other, creating a sense of dynamism and movement. Her other works, including “Medusa” and “The Wheel of Life”, are also admired and delighted. But “Ali and Nino” certainly became her cult work.

At first the art object was called “Man and Woman”, but then he was given the names of the main characters of the famous love story.

The sculptural composition received the recognition of art experts at the exhibition in Venice and was included in the list of attractive tourist attractions. The model of the dynamic monument was repeatedly exhibited in galleries in Europe and the United States and became world famous. And for a long time it has been pleasing the guests of Batumi in its appearance.

Ali i Nino

Monument to Ali and Nino – video and photo

If you are planning a trip to the resort in Batumi, we strongly recommend you to enjoy the movement of the figures live. The video picture will not convey all the beauty and magic of space.

For those who are just interested in the sculpture and are not going to come to the capital of Adjara, attach a video of the monument to Ali and Nino, which I shot from a drone. The same evening I managed to take a photo that became viral and for a long time walked on many public social networks.

Ali i Nino bulvar Batumi

Batumi Ali i Nino

Where (address and how to get there)

“Ali and Nino” are located right at the beginning of the Batumi harbor in the «Park of Wonders», on the edge of the boulevard, next to the Ferris wheel. The wheel is visible from a distance, so you can use it as a reference. It’s a great place to walk. It’s always crowded in the evenings. The statue is easily reachable on foot or by taxi if you are in the center of Batumi.

Initially, the monument was installed on the beach. However, severe winter storms flooded it with waves and the sculpture was moved 50 meters deep into the boulevard.

Ali i Nino na zakate

This beautiful sculpture of Ali and Nino became a symbol of eternal love, showing that love can overcome all obstacles. If you ever find yourself in Georgia, do not forget to visit Batumi and see this wonderful statue with your own eyes.




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